One thought on “Empathy project 1st draft

  1. It looks like you put a lot of effort into this game! I am seeing something like 80+ slides!! I guess you have taken each scenario to its end. But some of the text looks to still be in draft form, as it just saying study+no+sleep and stuff like that which is not communicable awi what you’re trying to tell the player. You’re repeating their choices back to them… but no consequences happen for anything.
    E.g. the player chooses to go grocery shopping with or without protective equipment. But nothing happens either way.
    The player can visit a neighbor or not, but nothing happens either way.
    You know?
    The only one where something does happen is the study/sleep/binge but still , not something intense. So you don’t need to make huge changes in terms of slides, but you need slides to say something deeper as a consequence not just the next question.
    Plz also add Omar’s name as your partner here.


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